Object Detection in Satellite Imagery

Making computers automatically detect arbitrary objects over huge swaths of Earth's surface is the holy grail of satellite imagery analytics. While some companies can do it for specific objects like roofs or cars, the process is generally difficult, time-consuming, expensive, and hidden in a black box. We, instead, focused on transparency and ease of use, resulting in a system that can be trained by YOU instead of us. By providing immediate feedback about the learning progress while giving you the power to control it, we can significantly reduce the time and cost of the training process.

Our Product


With us, you don't need to wait for weeks or even months to get preliminary results - you'll get them within hours. That way you'll be able to iterate and arrive at answers much faster than before.


Unlike other companies that boil down their analysis to a single number, we give you full transparency over the object detection process so you can both monitor and control the quality of output.


To train our platform to detect objects of your choosing, you don't have to be a GIS or computer vision expert - you'll just need to be be able to point and click.

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