Who are we for?


Our raison d'ètre is to consumerize geospatial intelligence to the point that the whole planet becomes your backyard where you can play around and discover new things about our world.


Whether you are trying to monitor slavery from space or trying to automatically quantify surface water inundation, obtaining training data is usually the most time-consuming part. Our platform takes care of that labor-intensive process so that you[r grad students] don't have to.


Tracking illegal deforestation or floods in remote areas that could lead to epidemics is difficult because sifting through thousands of square miles of imagery every day looking for signs of change is humanly impossible. Luckily, we have computers which you can train to detect objects of your interest. Once our platform 'knows' what you are looking for, it can automatically comb through billions of pixels and notify you if it finds anything new.


We know it's difficult to trust the results of black box analysis. That's why we built our platform with transparency in mind. By giving you visibility into every step of the training and testing process, you can be certain of whatever insights come out at the end.


With any automated detection system, false positives and false negatives can render it useless, regardless of how good true positives are. We give you full control over our predictions which means you can correct inaccurate detections. Moreover, this feedback will be immediately incorporated by our algorithms so that these types of errors don't happen again.

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